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The Story Behind The Bossy Kulture Collection

~ Our Mission ~     

     Welcome to the Bossy Kulture Collection.
Offering the latest trends at honest affordable prices is what we're serving!
Kick back and stay a while! You'll love it here!

Bossy Kulture is an emerging lifestyle collection

based in Central, Ohio.

Our success in the marketplace correlates to our nifty ability to provide quality trendy apparel without premium pricing.

We strongly believe that honesty is the best policy which is why we are more than confident
you'll be satisfied with every purchase.

Exceptional customer service paired with honest affordable prices on quality trends quickly separates us from the rest. Spread the word, It's  up &  its stuck.

#SHOPBOSSYKULTURE!   Like Duhhhhhh! 


Meet the Boss lady

Boss Lady K

Our dedicated founder and CEO Khalida Islam created Bossy Kulture because she believes you can Slay day or night without breaking the bank.


Fed up with terrible customer service and overpriced items, emerged from the smoke " BOSSY KULTURE "


#SOBOSSY. For a one of a kind shopping experience, you'll never forget...


                        - MS BOSS LADY K - 

 Business news

Loyalty Bosses enjoy Previews on New shipments, Special offers, and Sweepstakes and more! Join us now Bossy Kulture is emerging & here to offer financial tips and keep you looking good for honest affordable prices. 

Business Meeting

Stocks and Bonds

Informing our customers of the current Stock market changes is something we offer here at Bossy Kulture.  We periodically share tips and give advice on which stocks to watch and which to avoid. Let's Boss Up ! 

Watching Stock Market

Real Estate

Keeping our customers up to date with what's happening in the current real estate market. Look forward to monthly updates on items ranging from curb appeal to rising interest rates. Your knowledgeable real estate professional is here to assist.

Licensed, Degreed, Insured!

Business Meeting

Thank you for subscribing, smart Boss move.

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